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•   The ULOG-1 is aimed to serve as a data logger tool to collect Analog and Digital data from the environment sensors, from various measurements, process monitoring and down load it to computer.

•   The ULOG-1 Supports 16 Analog channels and 16 Digital channels, as well as various temperature Sensor and 2 Open Collector outputs.

  Main Features

•    16 Analog channel Inputs sampled at 100 KSPS
•    8 Digital Input with threshold level setting
•    8 Digital Open/GND inputs
•    2 Temperature sensors inputs
•    2 Open Collector outputs
•    On board Memory for 2 hour data at 100 KSPS

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Wall Powered and/or rechargeable Battery
USB 2.0 High Speed
Ethernet 10/100
μSD card

The ULOG-1 product is specially designed for reliable remote data logging.
Main Operating Modes:
Stand alone battery operation up to 1000 hours
Connected to PC via USB 2.0 High Speed

Analog Channels
16 Analog input channels range ±10V
12 bit resolution
Sampling rate is selected per channel up to 100 KSPS

Digital Channels
8 Digital channels inputs 0-32V
Threshold Programmable in steps of 0.25V
8 Digital OPEN / GND channels
Each digital channel can be set as an Event Counter up to 10K events/second
Sampling rate is selected per channel up to 100 KSPS

Temperature Sensor
2 Thermo-couple inputs
10 bit A/D resolution

2 Open Collector outputs
Up to 100V / 2A

One Rechargeable battery 3.7V / 2Ah
Battery operation duration up to 1000 hours

μSD accessible from rear panel
Accepts any standard μSD

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