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The Hardware and Software solutions in this document are basic suggestions. Customization or enhancements can be implemented

  Functions Overview
The programmer preserves all current EEPROM programming functions, as well as few new functions which comply with today Programmable Flash com-ponents and USB communication
The UPRO-1 programmer is portable, light weighted

The UPRO-1 programs one part at a time
Download: One page leaflet

Main Features

•   USB 2.0 Full Speed
•   32 pin ZIF socket
•   8 BIT EPROM Programmer
•   Flash Programmer
•   Adjustable Vpp from 5V to 13V 

Function Details

•   BLANK CHECK – Verify if DUT is erased
•   SEARCH STRING – Find a string in the data buffer
•   VERIFY DUT and BUFFER - Compare DUT content to buffer content
•   MOVE data block – Move block from address to address
•   COMPARE DUT with BUFFER - Compare DUT to buffer and show difference
•   GO TO address
•   CHECKSUM calculation – Calculate checksum over defined size
•   PROGRAM / Burn
•   LOAD FILE into BUFFER – Load file from disk
•   EDIT
•   LOAD and SPLIT 16/32 bit FILE into BUFFER
•   SWAP 

Operational Features:

 The UPRO-1 programmer supports programming voltages from 3.3V to 13V
•  The Programming algorithm is user definable per device type. The user is able to write and save his algorithm
    for burning of his device type
•  The UPRO-1 programmer is USB bus powered
•  A friendly GUI guides the user through the operational phase
•  Full visibility of the activity can be monitored on the screen
•  Log files can be saved upon user request

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