MacPanel Interface cards > D/A adaptor card - Interface with NI PXI 6723

 Interfaces between MacPanel SCOUT to NI PXI-6723

 32 Analog single ended buffers from NI PXI-6723
      driving 100mA towards ITA

 4 Analog single ended signals from ITA buffered and
      redirected to ITA
4 Differential Analog inputs from ITA buffered and redirected
     to ITA
 8 differential ±15V inputs from ITA converted to single
     ended amplified by 10 and redirected back to ITA as ±150V.



The NHVS49Z093xA – D/A Adapter Card interfaces the NI PXI-6723 and ITA
connected to MacPanel SCOUT platforms.
The card is powered by ±15VDC and ±160VDC from SCOUT ITA input connector.
On the card reside 32 single ended 100mA Operational Amplifier which buffers the Analog signals towards the ITA.
In addition there are 4 differential & 4 single ended signals buffered from ITA to ITA
There are 2 assembly options. The NHVS49Z0930A – without High Voltage amplifiers and the HVS49Z0935A with High Voltage amplifiers.

The card is useful in transferring Analog data from the NI PXI-6723 to the ITA and High Voltage signals towards ITA.

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