MacPanel Interface cards > Discrete card - Interfaces with NI PXI 6509

 Interfaces between MacPanel SCOUT to NI PXI-

 40 NO SSR contacts towards ITA controlled by

 30 Open/GND signals from ITA towards PXI-6509
 24 Open/28V signals from ITA towards PXI-6509
 22 LVTTL / TTL on board buffers for ITA signals





The Discrete card interfaces the NI PXI-6509 and ITA connected to MacPanel SCOUT platforms.

The card is powered by 5VDC from SCOUT ITA input connector. On the card reside 40 NO SSR where each can switch up to 40V/600mA.

Additional useful functions are the Open/GND and the Open/28V signals which are directed to NI PXI-6509 as logic levels of 0V /5V signals.

22 LVTTL / TTL inputs from ITA are buffered and redirected to the ITA for General Purpose use.


Interfaces between MacPanel SCOUT to NI PXI-6509

Block Diagram

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