Test Equipment > UDEC-1 - programmable power supply with serial interfaces, flash programmer

  One Box Multifunction product

  4 Programmable Power Supplies from       0.8V to 5.2V@1A

  7 Communication interfaces: RS232;         RS422; RS485; I2C; CAN; SPI; UART

  Affordable cost

  PC control and display

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Key Features

•    A multifunction product in one box
•    A unique combination of functions
•    Affordable cost
•    PC controlled and display
•    7 Communication interfaces: RS232; RS422; RS485; I2C; CAN; SPI; UART
•    4 Programmable Power Supplies from 0.8V to 5.2V@1A
•    3 Isolated Power Supplies ±12V and 3.3V

Key Benefits
•    Significantly improves user efficiency in testing flexibility
•    Defined and built with ADCOM experience and end users interaction
•    Allowing companies to equip more developers with this device on the working bench, thus relieving the pressure off the expensive lab equipment
•    Simple setup, utilizing PC display, saving results in log file, reuse preset configuration
•    Enables the operator to fully test all 7 interfaces in various baud rates
•    Enables the operator to configure and control voltage on the fly


RS232 • RS422 • RS485 • CAN • I²C • SPI • UART

Main Features:
4 Programmable Power Supplies 0.8-5.2VDC
3 Isolated fixed Power Supplies ±12VDC and 3.3VDC
DVM:     0 to 50V
Frequency Meter:     0-10MHz
Function Generator:     0-2MHz


4 Programmable Power Supplies

Each channel:
- Software controlled output
- Vout1-4 0.8-5.3VDC @1A
- Programming step ~25mV
- Current limit programmable 100-600mA
- Total Power from all 4 PS 10W
- Physical connection Banana Sockets
3 Isolated fixed Power Supplies
Vout5 +12VDC @ 330mA
Vout6 -12VDC @ 330mA
Vout7 3.3VDC @ 500mA
Physical connection Banana Sockets

Measuring range 0-50VDC
Precision ±1.2%
Auto ranging
Ripple measurement
Physical connection BNC
Frequency Meter
Range 0-10MHz
Resolution ±0.5%
Auto ranging
Threshold 300mV
Physical connection BNC

Function Generator
Frequency range 0-2MHz
Waveforms Sine / Triangular / Square wave
Amplitude: Sine / Triangular ~ 1.8V, Square wave ~ 10V
Physical connection BNC

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